Monday, June 24, 2013

Food Tour

Hubby and me are out with the Arab's for few weeks well technically he is IN the Office with them while I am OUT in the Arab Malls mostly :P but that is when a weekend comes to the rescue and we unite for mini expedition. A travelling weekend means food for my thought process well food for my tummy and ultimately the thought process is for the Blog :p. This weekend was a gastronomic tour. Starting with breakfast inspired by the French bakeries we had fresh croissants with a hot cup of bubbly tea followed by Salsa for lunch. Dancing is involved but only from the hotness of the salsa sauces on my taste buds spread out by Baja Fresh.  Grilled Veggie Burrito with corn tortilla chips with creamy avocado onion and tomato salsa not to forget fresh coriander, jalapenos and cold lemon for that extra tickle. After we enjoyed the Mexican lunch it was time for desserts and we straight fly into Columbus Cafe to dig into a neatly arranged Tiramisu which was YUMMY, Italian of course!!!  We had ended the day with Chinese food from a local restaurant near our hideout (that what I call my hotel room) the snaps for which I didn't click sorry for that but the rest all is captured.

Presenting our Food tour Starting from France then Mexico then Italy then to China conducted in UAE by two hungry Indians.... nice na :) :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Money Bags

Well chinese food just aint about schezwan noodle and manchow soup it about money bags as well.

Golden Chariot @ Growel's 101 Kandivali offers a good ambience and Crispy money bags. Its a starter ofcourse which takes a lot of time to come on to your table same as money, it also takes a lot of time and hardwork to come but absolutely worth the wait. You can then spend the money bags on ur taste buds and relish generously.Make sure you order in for a cooler like wine,cocktail or a mocktail to compliment the hot stuffing. You always need a cool mind to handle hot money right ??!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Natural Chiku Love Boat in Top Town ;)!!

Almost end of winter and let it go without a an Ice Cream treat na...So i did follow this rule and visited Natural's Ice cream and Top n town centers in Borivali West near to Kora Kendra.

Opted for chiku ice cream at natural's and a love boat combination of three flavors at Top n Town. Love boat was ultimately pleasing to the eye. Colorful  fruity ice creams  whipped cream designed neatly and then the red cute cherries on the top to finish it all up sweet red sugar syrup flowing on all the chunks of icey sweetness. But alas the tempting dessert was unbearably sweet for my palate  Natural's chiku was quite contrast to the eye tempting love boat as it was simple in visual but authentically classy with the flavor and texture and it famous natural sweetness.      

Natural's Chiku
Top's n Town's Love Boat
You can also have a quick slurp on Icy Sweet Blog Post

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

First Potoba Then Vithoba :)

Every newly wed couple in India is bound to visit temples and so did we. I and my hubby along with our friends, of course a cute couple with knack for good food and adventure just like us, head on a pilgrimage trip to Solapur-Tuljapur-Pandharpur-Akkalkot-Ganagapura . But as the famous Marathi proverb goes " Pahile Potoba  mag Vithoba" that means  before going to temple to visit the deity, the body temple must be filled with good food. Trust me we followed it very religiously.

Check out the delicacies we gobled on too :)
Lingayat Wani Thali - a clan based in Karnataka practicing Lingayatism 

Paneer Bhaji aka Paneer Pakoda

All time Fav,  Onion Pakoda

Sheera & Upma

Pithala, Shendanyachi Chatni, Bhakari & Vangyacha Bharit


Misal & kanda Bhaji

Chai da pyala 

Dhabe di Chai

Sugarcane Juice

Khava Poli

On the street in Thai ways

Getting married is a bliss. Especially the first few months for sure they all say :) but for me its a double dhamaka..I got married to a foodie who loves to travel and is experimental. Hence of course our honey moon location was also different than the usual destination. We chose Thailand, the land of food and fun. And guess what being a veggie, we flourished in Thai. Just make sure while ordering you specify you want Only Vegetables..they understand.
Thai rice, Onion Soup with Chille vinegar Sauce & Creamy Sweet Corn
Continental Breakfast

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Italic Streak

Spaghetti- Cafe Zoe-Lower Parel


Icy Sweet

December always has sweet memories for me, this year I am accompanied by my Fiancee who is a sweet tooth {(I Know have tasted ;) } and hence we end up slurping...aa aaha aa...on ice-creams :) of-course :D
Few clicks for your taste buds.. 

Park Gola-Shivaji Park, Dadar-Mumbai

Hockey Pokey-Korum Mall, Thane